Sunshine Massage SchoolAdvanced Training

Sunshine Massage SchoolAdvanced Training


Sen Therapy Workshop: Structural Energy Lines

Thai Meridians Workshop: Customizing Massage through Acupressure and Energetic Balancing

6 to 10 Jan 2025: 5 days/30 hours

With Sukha

The Sen Therapy Workshop teaches you how to customize a 60 minute massage by choosing the Sen lines and Marma points taught in our 5-day workshop. We will be using our Lotus Palm Advanced Manual for reference.

Although there are Ayurvedic principles in the book, the workshop does not teach Ayurvedic Thai Massage. If students already know about Ayurveda, this will be an advantage for them.

The Key Concept: Sip Sen (Ten Energy Lines)

Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in ancient healing practices that integrate principles from Ayurveda, Buddhism, and traditional Chinese medicine. At the heart of this holistic approach is the concept of the Sip Sen (Ten Energy Lines), which are believed to be the pathways through which vital life force (Prana) flows throughout the body.

This 5-day workshop will provide a comprehensive exploration of the Sen Lines and their associated acupressure points, known as Marma Points.

Participants will learn how to assess imbalances in the energetic body, and to customize Thai Massage sessions accordingly to promote holistic well-being and the free flow of vital life force. Deepen your Thai Massage practice, as we engage and reflect on the profound healing potential of this ancient art form.

Workshop Overview

- Introduction of the Sip Sen Lines and Marma Points and their role in traditional Thai Massage.

- In-depth study of the specific locations and functions of the 10 Sen Lines.

- Techniques for palpating and assessing the Sen Lines to identify blockages or imbalances when addressing common health concerns.

- Hands-on practice in identifying and working with Marma Points.

- Assessing client needs and imbalances through the lens of the Five Kosha bodies.

- Designing tailored Thai Massage sequences to address specific energetic imbalances through Therapeutic Applications of Sen Line Work and Marma point therapy.

- Cultivating intuition and sensitivity in Sen Line and Marma Point work.

Dates and Price

6 to 10 Jan. 2025:

5 days / 30 hours, Baht 11,500.- ( Approx.  USD. 310 / EUR. 290 )

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