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Sunshine Massage School


Beginner's class (Primary course)

Our school in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Our school in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Although we call this a beginner’s course 

This is the course upon which our Thai massage teachings are based, and without a firm basis in its structure, it would be very difficult to progress with this healing art. 

The Thai Massage beginner's course is such a good foundation in fact, that it is often a good idea for students to take the course for a second and third time, perhaps with a different teacher, and then move on to the advanced courses presented on this site.


Many of our students do 2 beginners courses then return home to practice, then come back to Sunshine Massage School when time and finances allow to do the beginners again and then to start their advanced training. 

We will be happy to advise you, depending on your previous experience and your plans as to what would benefit you the most.