Sunshine Massage SchoolAdvanced Training

Sunshine Massage SchoolAdvanced Training


Dynamic Thai Massage, with Flora

Dynamic Thai Massage is the poetry of perpetual movement where giver and receiver enter in resonance and harmony.

20 to 24 January 2025
27 to 29 January 2025

This workshop is offered by Flora. It is a specific approach to the body masterfully developed in Europe by David Lutt & Takis Oikonomou, inspired by the Style of the Late Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith.

This course is designed for Thai Massage practitioners, who want to improve their skills in fluidity.

It is a therapeutic way to restore lost mobility and release the nervous system through connecting with the water element. 

This 5 days course is designed for intermediate and advanced Thai Massage practitioners, who want to improve their skills in fluidity, continuity and change of rhythm in the treatment.

Dynamic Thai Massage is about invitation to mindful movement, rhythm and creativity in a playful and joyful spirit for both giver and receiver.

In this course we will practice some techniques coming directly from Thai Massage and some from Osteopathy (harmonic techniques, general treatment, rocking and shaking), combining them properly with precision, intention, presence and fun!

Let’s rock together in mindfulness and joyfulness!   

This 5-day intensive and playful class will give you therapeutic tools and techniques to cover the entire body

... with the main focus on:

  - restoring movement of the spine

  - opening the ribcage and liberating the breathing

  - working the line with rocking techniques

  - bringing back mobility in the main joints.

Next classes:

Dynamic Thai massage class from January 20 to 24, 2025.
5 days / 30 hours,
13,500 THB   (approx. EUR 344 , US$ 374.-)

Dynamic Thai massage class from January 27 to 29, 2025.
3 days / 18 hours,
Baht 8,100.-.

This second class is with the same teacher,
has the same description, but is 2 days shorter. 

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