Upper-Body Advanced Techniques

with Bob Haddad

After working the feet, legs and lower body in Thai massage, it is important to proceed with your work on the upper body in a targeted and holistic way. 

This workshop raises your awareness of whole-body energy patterns, and helps you connect your upper-body work to the things you do in the first half of your treatments. 

In this course you will learn:  

  • Specialized techniques to release back tension  
  • Creative ways to work the upper sen lines 
  • Deep and sensitive abdominal work 
  • How to use your feet to sense and release blockages 
  • Lifts, spinal twists and suspensions 
  • How to use breathing for maximum effect
  • Targeted techniques for shoulders and shoulder blades 
  • How to use your body weight to avoid straining 
  • Assessment of your client’s body language
  • Advanced stretches for the back, arms and shoulders  
  • Energy release and self-protection techniques 
  • How to refine and correct your body mechanics … and much more.

This is an exciting, creative and exploratory course for all those with previous experience in Thai massage. We work in all 4 body positions, and plenty of time is given for practice and review each day. Join us !

Prerequisite: Basic experience in Thai Massage

5 days / 30 CE Hours – Baht 12’500.-

  • 3 to 7 December 2018