Bridge the gap between Beginners and Advanced

    This 1-week massage course has been tailor-made as a personal review of the 2-week beginner's course.

    This course is especially useful if you are returning to the school after a year or more and are planning to take one of the advanced courses. The best option is to retake the full beginner's course, but this 1-week intensive is a great alternative.
      It is also a useful course for students that have done 2 beginner's courses in the intensive combos programs and want to review the beginner's again as a way to complete their preparation before the following courses.

      You may also appreciate this course if you are an experienced practitioner wishing to review our beginner's course prior to taking one of our advanced courses.

  • Review all positions from the beginner's course giving attention to your specific body type.
  • Analyse and execute efficient transitioning.
  • Discuss and embody correct body mechanics.
  • Prepare for advanced courses.
  • Practice.

Pre-requisite: At least one Beginner's course from Sunshine
5 days / 30 CE Hours     Price Baht 8,500.-

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