Advanced courses in Traditional Thai Massage

Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai is famous for the quality of its Thai Yoga Massage Beginner's course. This is the foundation for further studies and also a perquisite for the Advanced Thai Massage courses proposed on this site. 

Advanced Thai Massage courses 

Here is a list of upcoming courses. On the menu to the left you will find a selection of courses to help you deepen your study of Traditional Thai Massage. 

And among many advanced courses, you can find here:

in December 2016 :

• Thai Massage Treatment Protocols in Pregnancy and Labor: 

Learn how to use to treat the most common pregnancy disorders and complaints.

It is a 3 days course, 5 to 7 December 2016.

=> more about how to help during the different phase of pregnancy

• The Art of Transitioning

Often the difference between a beginner and an advanced practitioner is the ability to flow between massage techniques and postures

It is a 5 day course with Kham,  from 12 to 16 December 2016.

=> click here to read more about Kham's Dancing Thai Massage workshop

 • We also propose specific courses focusing on the transitions during your massage, or a dedicated course on Advanced Techniques & Stretches

 • There is also a selection of professionally-oriented courses in our assisted Fieldwork and Traditional Thai Therapy sections ...

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Customised programs for extended and intensive Thai Massage studies are available:

We understand that students coming to Sunshine Massage School are here for serious studies. Often students have a limited amount of time in Chiang Mai and would like to maximize their study by combining courses into one longer, more comprehensive program.
Each of these courses can be taken individually, or as part of a larger curriculum comprised of multiple courses.
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We also organise special dedicated workshops,

For advanced massage practitioners, therapists and bodyworkers, the school also offers massage-related special workshops. These workshops are not entirely based in Thai massage but are intended to deepen your practice. 

Click here to learn about the workshops we organise in Chiang Mai.

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