Advanced: Side Position

Developing techniques and whole body massage in the side position.

Taking care of people with back pain and / or pregnant women.

As your practice of traditional thai massage develops, you come to realize that the majority of your clients come for relief of back pain or emotional issues. Working from the side position allows the client to turn inwards toward themself, allowing the masseuse to gently facilitate the removal of emotional and physical blocks, so that self healing can begin.
With pregnancy and back problems, it is often too painful to lie in the supine or prone position, but from the side full energy balance can occur.

  • Thai Yoga massage for pregnant women.
  • How to relieve back pain, both chronic and acute.
  • Assisting people in an emotional state and those who have difficulty connecting with themselves.
  • Whole body Thai Yoga Massage in the Side Position.

Everyone with a background in Thai massage is welcome.
5 days / 30 CE Hours  –  Baht 8’500.-

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