Sunshine Massage School

Sunshine Massage School


The 5 Bodies and Thai Massage

Healing the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of ourselves and our clients

with Ralf Marzen

As Thai massage therapists, it’s important to avoid purely physical Thai massage routines, without paying attention to the profound inner shifts that can occur as a result our treatments.


This course is specially designed to expand and deepen your understanding of Thai massage and of bodywork in general.


You will learn to

  • ’read’ your clients better and adjust your sessions to better suit each individual
  • understand more deeply what happens during the course of a treatment
  • work with your clients (and yourself) with more presence and more metta (loving kindness)
  • add many new techniques and tools to advance your massage practice

Using the ancient yogic map of the 5 koshas (5 bodies), we will explore how our treatments affect our clients (and ourselves) on physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


In the mornings, we focus on lectures, meditations, bodywork, discussions, and partner & group exercises to travel through the different layers of our being. These processes are inspiring, fun, at times challenging, and they will help us to create deeper insight and self-awareness for our bodywork practice. 


In the afternoons, we transfer what we have learned onto the mat:

We will learn to address the 5 bodies more specifically and with clearer intention. This will be of great value to your practice, and will help to make your treatments less random and more specific to each individual.

This course may challenge and change your approach to bodywork. Come prepared to be curious, have fun, and dive deep!

5 days / 30 hours, Baht 12,500.-

Next class:

  • 23 to 27 January 2023