Therapeutic Practitioner

Thai Massage for Muscular Skeletal Realignment

with Cosmo

This course helps qualified practitioners to further develop and focus their skills as a professional therapist.

Initially students will practice connecting and using a health questionnaire with their partner, then giving them a short 20 minute massage used to both asses and correct the entire muscular skeletal system. This verbal and practical procedure is designed as a first treatment.

You will then learn a 2-hr. Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage that pays special emphasis to Pelvic, Spine and Shoulder alignment. It is the standard routine for my own practice and can be adapted to different needs.

Its main influences are from Advanced, Dynamic, Fascial and Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage. We will also start each day with a 1-hr. yoga class to incorporate the great path of Yoga, Meditation and Massage as a complete system.

Everyone with a background in Thai massage is welcome.
5 days / 30 CE hours
Baht 11,500.-