Therapeutic Application in the "Sacred Dance"

with Till

A spectrum of ways to use our bodies between static techniques from deep sinking, to gentle, soft and silent touch. 

A more dynamic way of working, with smooth transitions, variations of rocking, rubbing and harmonic techniques will be integrated into these 5 days. 

We will bring mindfulness to our touch, searching and feeling where tension is found, and learn in which areas it makes sense to work. 

The focus will be on the hip area, lower back, and shoulder and neck pain. During the work on our techniques, we will not forget that holistic bodywork is based on different layers, and can not be carried out only on the physical body. 

For this course, the student should have a good foundation

of Thai massage, learned in the beginner classes. 

5 days / 30 CE hours, Baht 9,500.-

  • 3 to 7 April 2017