Sensing, Energy and Self Protection in Thai Massage

with Bob Haddad


As we work in Thai massage, we send love and compassion to the person we are touching. Because of this, it’s important to keep an open heart. But when we facilitate or witness physical releases of tension and stress, or emotional releases of grief, sadness, or anger in our clients, then the therapist’s heart energy must become more self-serving. Experienced therapists understand when to maintain or release pressure; how to sense blockages; how to prepare before and after their sessions with clients; when to use self protection techniques during a treatment; and how to detoxify after a particularly stressful session. 

This workshop focuses on ways to refine our abilities to sense blockages; to learn when and how energy may be released in our clients; and to practice techniques that Thai therapists can use to protect themselves. Participants learn how to recognize the first signs of energy release, to determine where they are, and how to work with them. Over fifteen exercises and visualization techniques are practiced during the course of the workshop. All students work on each other to practice the sensing techniques, and to refine their sensitivity to energy and pressure. A detailed booklet is provided for study in class, and also for your reference when you work with your clients.


This is a unique and interesting course which will help to refine your sensitivity, and increase your awareness of energy, sensing, and self-protection as you work in Thai massage. 


Basic experience in Thai Massage is required.

2 days / 12 CE Hours – Baht 3’900.-


  • 2 to 3 December 2017 (weekend)