Training Awareness In Thai Yoga Massage

Training Awareness

5-Day Advanced Course with Till


This Advanced Training in Thai Yoga Massage is about developing our awareness of the moment.

It is about starting each session afresh. It is about facilitating spontaneity and refining our intuition for what is needed right here, right now.

Till, the facilitator of this course, likes to remind us: "Each of us has the wisdom, awareness, love and power of the Buddha within, yet most of us are too often like sleeping Buddhas.

This is a phenomenon seen in all aspects of daily life, also in learning and practicing Thai Yoga Massage."

As humans, we have the tendency to fall into the same routine, to follow almost the same sequence in each treatment, and to create the same approach for all our patients.


We know that each person is different, that each moment should be fully embraced. We understand that building habits may sometimes hinder the excellent quality of our presence during our treatments.

Course Content:

  • Fascial work and understanding its importance in Thai Massage
  • Sen, focusing on the emotional and grounding Energy Lines
  • How to integrate belly and organs in a treatment.
  • Games and meditations to deepen our intuition, sensitivity and presence.
  • How to transform giving hands into receiving and listening hands

The approach and content proposed in this course are inspired by the concept of mindful touch and stillness as taught by David Lutt, OsteoThai.

This course is only open to advanced students experienced in Thai Massage.

5 days / 30 CE hours, Baht 12,500.-